Tuesday, July 19, 2011


The forward VTOL unit was capable of orbital flight but not intersystem travel. The (hover/ low-altitude flight) side units were primarily ground support, analysis and storage for mission appropriate gear/etc. 2 Jet Bikes provide Hero support and 2 Prisons / Storage units provide a couple safe spots that can move or fight (turret).

This construct was nearly 19" long and split into 3 remote craft, the forward jump jet craft, 2 side Recon floaters from the central +10 Monster Truck. It also had 2 miniature 1-man craft (jet bikes) which could dock and lock on the rear 'fenders' and 2 space police prisons (removable 1000 gallon chambers). It is comprised of parts that were 20 years old to brand new. This was the last iteration of a vehicle I had rebuilt since I was a young child (It was originally a box on wheels that could take a roll down the stairs)
The final version of VICs could take a trip down the stairs too, its outriders would come off, maybe losing a shovel or a backpack first. Then the truck part would tumble to the bottom, around the corner and into the living room without losing a part. So it became a part of the comic series I have yet to publish even a single issue of... but you can see page 1 in the previous few posts.
The turrets were removed before every trip down the stairs, no question they wouldn't make it.

If anyone can correct the date of this based on the LEGO parts I'd appreciate the accuracy.

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