Wednesday, February 29, 2012

VICs Evolved

The Sled (front, detachable, flying unit)

The Truck

Which the sled folded over for better 'armor'

The Platform

Arial (main flying unit, which could take off and land from the platform, and could recombine with the Sled)

and Station (a utility rack that can be left behind, or use another set of wheels independently)

I used some bionicle and some mega blocks pieces to add more robotic elements and to compact and stabilize moving parts (sorry lego, mega blocks STILL makes better swivels than you guys). There was a lot of reconfiguration possible and three more detachable units (two little flyers that dock on Arial's rear 'wings' and a removable computerized command module for the Platform, so Arial or the Truck could move it about).

This version of the toy was never tested with a roll down the stairs.

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