Sunday, January 23, 2011

Why control-Z?

For anyone who does both digital and analog art, specifically 2d visual art, there will be a time when you just wish control Z would undo your last action.

I am finally creating this blog to share what I do every day.

"Where's all this art Mr. Artist?"
It's here, now, and more is on the way. Every day. Let's see how long I can maintain an average of 1 new post a day...


A couple images to make it meatier on the first day.
Here's a concept I did a while back for a horror film fan site, they chose a different image, but I always liked this one and have not shared it anywhere else. It took under an hour to make this.

Operative Hex

(A character from my planned comic book)

Daughter of a General,

Sergeant of a spec.ops team,

Victim of a horrible 'accident',

And now, Hybrid Experimental unit 'X'

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