Thursday, February 10, 2011

Girls Round 2

OKay, I admit, yesterday and today are not 'new' today but they are new drawings, made in the past couple months, each was done in a day. Yesterday started at 8 am and lasted until 1pm today, so no time for drawing, anyway I wanted to share these and hope you dig them.


  1. Actually, this may have been done prior to yesterday's post, I cant quite remember for sure.

  2. Pretty amazing you're doing three full figures in a day, at my best I doubt I could do more than one figure a day. Center design again stands out, you have a good eye for that counter-culture vibe.

  3. Thanks, Calvin. Actually I can bust out a detailed figure drawing in about 2 hours these days, pre-designed or not. I credit drawing bootcamp (class) with pushing me to this speed. We drew every waking hour for 5 weeks straight, and after the first week I said to myself, you have to be faster!! The subsequent month I attained a level of speed and accuracy I never knew I had in me.