Saturday, February 5, 2011

Swamp Monster

Art markers are so cool! I've been considering picking up some marker paper recently, after using the markers again on standard printer paper this consideration is moving over to the to-do list... somewhere very near the top.

Two things make this medium desirable, one - in areas of overlap and touch up these markers do not create a seam so they're quite a bit more forgiving than lesser markers, and two - on marker paper I can use bright colors and they will stay bright, regular paper just kind of sucks the life out of the brighter colors.


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  2. nteresting tips, ( love the monster btw ) I never got to play with a lot of mediums, I always stuck with pen and pencils, occasionally some charcoal.

    I always envied what you could do with even basic markers, only way I can color anything is with photoshop. :p

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